Our Story

In 1876, the house was purchased by James Cochrane who moved it to the southwest corner of John and Augusta, the present location of the Waterworks Commision. James Cochrane was the original owner of the Queen's Hotel, which is now the Walton.


The house was occupied for many years by the Steen family and then the Mosley's. In 1985, the house was moved yet again to its present location at 27 John St., and for a brief period was an Antique store.

This two and a half story frame building is an early example of the greek revival and was designated an historic building in 1986.


The structure housing the pub dates back to when the railway tracks were located at the rear of the property. At various periods, this building housed a cold storage warehouse, a dairy, an auto dealership, an appliance store and pet food store.


In 1987, a connector building was constructed to join the two above mentioned buildings. This building currently houses the kitchen and provides an entranceway from the dining rooms to the pub.


The structure was totally renovated in 1988 and opened February as the Beamish House restaurant and Pub.



The Beamish House - Fine Food, Folly and Friends!